beatoraja Troubleshooting


What’s this?

Summary of problems in using beatoraja.
targeting “ver 0.5.5.”


Q:Feel heavy.

A:The following reasons are conceivable.

  • Using “LITONE5”
    • It’s heavy Skin.
    • Use of background video is very heavy at music select.
      • We recommend changing to an image.
    • Will To be improved…?
  • Low-memory.
    • Recommend : 8GB over.
    • (At Windows) Should be start at beatoraja-config.bat.

Q:After selection, “coffee beans” appear on the screen…

A:Please select skin.
Check the [Skin] tab in the configuration at startup.


If the “skin” field is blank, it was not set.
Please setting at least the following modes.

  • 7KEYS
  • 5KEYS
  • 14KEYS

Q:I want to change judgment timing and Notes display time in game.

A:”Simultaneously press and hold START + SELECT” or “Press and hold Numeric[5]Key”


  • DURATION : Displayed notes time.

Q:It moves in LR2 and beatoraja also moves until the song selection but at the moment when it becomes the play screen, it will become ineffective except the start button…

A:Have you decided on music selection with the keyboard during selection?
Please select the music selection using the dedicated controller.

Q:The dedicated controller’s key assignment is wrong…?

A:Key configuration for each controller is possible, so please review it.

  • Open key config. (pless [6]key)
  • You can select the controller to use with the [2] key
  • When multiple controllers are inserted, please make sure that the controller you want to move is selected.

Q:Where “Custom Folder”…?

It’s SQL style.

Q:Please tell me how to add songs.

A:Move to [Resource]->[BMS Path] and press [+] button or Drag and drop the folder into the list area

Q:I added a folder, but it does not load songs.

A1:Run song update in the background immediately after startup or check the song update manually.

A2:Press the [F2] key while selecting a folder on the music selection screen after startup.

Q:I do not play if I select songs using (Controller)3, 5, 7 key.

A:Key function assignment is different from LR2.

  • button No.1:Play
  • button No.3:Practice Mode
  • button No.5:Auto play
  • button No.7:Replay

Q:Can I use INFINITAS controllers? (INF Premium Controller , DAO Controller INF mode style, …)

A:You should be able to use it.
Move to [Input] -> Analog Scratch, and select the check box.

  • はてなブックマーク

  • LINE (SPのみ)